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hey i would like to nominate myself for best info and most obsessed...im obsessed with tom delonge from blink... i have thousands of pictures ( literally ) stored in floppies in cds on my room in boxes posters ive claimed him on lj communites... i have all the blink cds shirts items etc...the dvd's and tapes...and ive met him twice lol... i think im way too obsessed but who cares its all in fun...thanks =)
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I nominate myself for most obsessed.

I am completely obsessed with Johnny Depp. I have him in my user info, I just today made a community of him, I am always looking up information on him, always renting and watching his movies over and over again, looking up info on him online. I am always talking about him and people repeatidly tell me "You are overly obsessed!".


[I love Johnny Depp]
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-/Best Layout: sssexygirl very creative
-/Best Bio: krazyswtkute72 very pretty and creative
-/Best Username: yumyumeatemup too cute! yumyum lol!
-/Most Obsessed: krazyswtkute72 with summer and tropical things.... Seriously i am so0o0o obsessed! All of my layouts have been summery and tropical and every single one my blinkies and icons in userinfo are all summery! I have OVER 1000 pictures saved on my computer of beaches and summery stuff. Ive been to like every tropical place... florida, virgin islands.. and my bedsheets are ALL tropical fish and i have posters of palm trees in my room and i have a palm tree lamp and stickers everywhere so ya.. See 4 urself! WooT! i luvvv summer
-/Most Friendly: babiee_x_crazy Shez so0o0o extra sweet
-/Most Helpful: cruz helps u no matter wut shez doing

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